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Ras Rasayan

Ras Rasayan

We are reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Ras Rasayan. We offer a wide range of Ras Rasayan, which include Vatkulantak Ras, Vatgajankush Ras, Bolbadha Ras and many more. We prepare our Ras Rasayan using good quality sulphur and mercury. Further, our skilled personnel’s have immense knowledge of Indian pharmaceutical science, which helps us in obtaining good quality Ras Rasayan. Our Ayurvedic Ras Rasayan is very cost-effective.

More information about Ras Rasayan :
Ras Rasayanas form is the largest group of herbo- mineral Ayurvedic therapeutic agents. Most of them have the kajjalī prepared by triturating mercury and sulphur together in a crucible by mortar. Being exclusively prepared in crucibles they have been called Kharliya. These drugs are prepared by blending Mercury and Sulphur together by impregnating the mixture with a particular decoction or the fresh juice of the herbal drugs and then blending a number of incinerated/calcined organic and inorganic therapeutic agents or the herbal powder in it. Only the drugs that have been purified and detoxified in proper manner by the suitable procedures described in Indian pharmaceutical literature are supposed to be used in its preparation. Therefore, the seemingly easy process in fact requires a great deal of the knowledge and art of Indian pharmaceutical science which can be obtained by constant practice and experimentation under the able guidance of some learned person.

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Name of Medicine Reference
Vatkulantak Ras Ay.S.S.
Vatgajankush Ras R.T.S.
Bolbadha Ras R.T.S.
Vishwatapharan Ras R.T.S.
Bhubaneshwar Ras R.T.S.
Manmath Ras Bh.R.
Mahajwarankush Ras R.T.S.
Mrityunjaya Ras R.T.S.
Mahavatvidhwansan Ras R.T.S.
Ras Pipari Ras Ay.S.S.
Ramban Ras R.T.S.
Laghumalini Vasant Ras R.T.S.
Laxminarayan Ras R.T.S.
Laghusutshekhar Ras R.T.S.
Laxmivilas Ras R.T.S.
Lilavilas Ras R.T.S.
Loknath Ras R.T.S.
Shrangarabhra Ras Ay.S.S.
Swanskuthar Rs R.T.S.
Shir Shuladivajra Ras Bh.R.
Sheetanshu Ras R.T.S.
Shulgajeshri Ras Y.R.
Shiddh Praneshwar Ras R.T.S.
Smritisagar Ras Y.R.
Sutshekhar Ras R.T.S.
Somnath Ras Bh.R.
Hinguleshwar Ras R.T.S.
Hridayarnava Ras Bh.R.
Agnikumar Ras R.T.S.
Ashwakanchuki Ras R.T.S.
Arshkuthar Ras R.T.S
Anand Bhairav Ras R.T.S
Amvatari Ras R.T.S.
Ambalki Rasayan R.T.S.
Ichchhabhedi Ras R.T.S.
Unmandgaj Keshari Ras R.T.S.
Ekangveer Ras R.T.S.
Kanak Sundar Ras R.T.S.
Kafketu Ras Bh.R.
Kafkuthar Ras Bh.R.
Kravyadi Ras Bh.R.
Kramikuthar Ras R.T.S.
Kramimudgar Ras R.T.S.
Kamdudha Ras Ay.S.S.
Kamdudha Ras (Moti Yukta) Ay.S.S.
Kamdhenu Ras R.T.S.
Kushth Kuthar Ras R.T.S.
Gandhak Rasahyan R.T.S.
Garbhapal Ras R.T.S.
Grahni Kapat Ras R.T.S.
Chandrakala Ras Ay.S.S.
Chandrakala Ras (With pearl) Ay.S.S.
Chandramrit Ras R.T.S.
Chaunsathprahari Pipal R.T.S.
Tarkeshwar Ras R.T.S.
Talkwshwar Ras R.T.S.
Tribhuvankirti Ras Ay.S.S.
Trimurit Ras Y.R.
Dantodbedgadantak Ras R.T.S.
Nrapatiballabh Ras Ay.S.S.
Nashtpushpantak Ras Bh.R.
Nashtpushpantak Ras (W/o Sliver) Bh.R.
Nagarjunabhra Ras R.T.S.
Nityanand Ras R.T.S.
Prataplankeshwar Ras R.T.S.
Pradarripu Ras R.T.S.
Pramehgaj Keshari Ras R.T.S.
Pradratak Ras R.T.S.
Peeyushballi Ras Ay.S.S.
Pushpadhanva Ras Bh.R.
Purnachand Ras Ay.S.S.

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